The Ferrari of Los Gatos Story

Brian Burnett and Richard Rivoir had a dream.  They wanted to sell Ferrari’s.  The Silicon Valley business they started in 1976 became the best-known Ferrari dealership in the world.

This blog tells the story of Ferrari of Los Gatos and corresponds with a book that is a work in progress. If you have a Ferrari of Los Gatos memory, please share it here.

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Below you’ll find the first post to start the Ferrari of Los Gatos story.

Horse and Car Racing—The Exciting Sport of Kings

Selling racehorses isn’t much different than selling cars, but with a racehorse, you’re also selling the dream… My friend Wallace Wyss is not only a fine artist and author of car books, but he also refers to himself as a cowboy after spending a few years on a ranch in Montana back in the 1960s. […]

Stars and Celebrities Loved to Hang Out at the Dealership

From professional football and baseball greats to Miss America’s master of ceremonies, if you worked at Ferrari of Los Gatos, you never knew who’d walk in next. You have to be pretty good to be a major league baseball all-star. First you have to outplay 749 other major league players, and second, you need to […]

Ferrari Searched For A Way to Step Up the Sales Pace in the US

In 1979, the New York Times reported Ferrari trying to increase sales in America. Four years earlier the Italian manufacturer had sold only 188 new cars in the US, and they were now forecasting 850 in the current year. While the cars could outrun and outmaneuver anything else on the highway, annual US sales weren’t […]

Ferrari 512 BBi 1979