At 197 MPH an F40 Makes a Point

Japan may not be the first country you think of when talking about Ferraris. However, it’s one of Ferraris largest markets. Much of the image and success of the Italian car is because of Toru Kirikae, also known in Japan as the godfather of Ferrari. In 1971, 24-year old Kirikae-san worked for Mazda on the […]

The Economy Tanked and So Did Ferrari Quality

In 1980, the US Federal Reserve decided to control inflation and the effects of the 1979 oil price increase by raising interest rates. As a result, credit became more difficult to obtain for a car or home loan, and unemployment rose to 7.8%. My interview with Dennis Glavis continues as he tells about the time […]

Ferrari Insider Recalls Tales of Life at the Dealership

Dennis Glavis spent 20 years of his life at Ferrari of Los Gatos. He began his career with the infamous dealership not long after his friend, Jack Gordon, said to him, “I know some guys that are going to open a Ferrari store soon, and I think I can get us jobs there.” Jack and […]