The Ferrari of Los Gatos Story

Brian Burnett and Richard Rivoir had a dream.  They wanted to sell Ferrari’s.  The Silicon Valley business they started in 1976 became the best-known Ferrari dealership in the world.

This blog tells the story of Ferrari of Los Gatos and corresponds with a book that is a work in progress. If you have a Ferrari of Los Gatos memory, please share it here.

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Below you’ll find the first post to start the Ferrari of Los Gatos story.

If You Think a Ferrari is Exciting, You Need to See this Movie

Ferrari lovers around the world have longed for a full-length motion picture about anything Ferrari for a long time. The wait is over. In November, The Walt Disney Company and 20th Century Fox will present Ford v Ferrari on the big screen. The movie highlights the years 1963-1969 when Henry Ford II declared he would defeat […]

The 308 Introduced Ferraris to North America

Thanks to Hawaii’s favorite mustache-wearing detective, the Ferrari 308 gets a lot of attention. It has a classic style and a great history. The 308 is credited as the Ferrari that introduced the Prancing Horse to the world. The 308 may have been the model that catapulted Ferrari sales, but it had a few features […]