The Ferrari of Los Gatos Story

Brian Burnett and Richard Rivoir had a dream.  They wanted to sell Ferrari’s.  The Silicon Valley business they started in 1976 became the best-known Ferrari dealership in the world.

This blog tells the story of Ferrari of Los Gatos and corresponds with a book that is a work in progress. If you have a Ferrari of Los Gatos memory, please share it here.

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Below you’ll find the first post to start the Ferrari of Los Gatos story.

The 2019 SF Writers Conference is an Amazing Success

I spent the last four days at the San Francisco Writers Conference meeting other writers, literary agents, editors, publishers, and motivational coaches. They all share the same passion I do. Storytelling! I’m happy to report there’s high interest in the story of Ferrari of Los Gatos, and we’re making good progress getting it to print. […]

The Ferrari that Thought it was a Corvette

One of the pains of being a car historian is a lot of shoulda, woulda, coulda comes along with the job. Take this red, white and blue Targa-topped Ferrari Daytona for example. In 1978, painted red with no hint of its competition DNA, this Ferrari sat on a used car lot in West Los Angeles. […]