A Stunning Lamborghini Destroyed in a Startling Way

Stanford University is known for educating some of the most brilliant people in the world. One student dreamed of owning an exotic sports car.

Woodland Hills, CA, USA - July 19, 2015: Lamborghini Miura car on display at the Supercar Sunday car event.

Prancing into Ferrari of Los Gatos, the Stanford graduate announced, “I’m writing a book, and feel like I owe myself an exotic car.

“I want something different. I love Lamborghini’s. Do you have any of those?”

There was a Lamborghini Miura, a high-performance mid-engine Italian sports car, on the dealership lot. The student took a look, loved it, and shouted, “I want it! You must hold it for me until the end of the week.”

The salesman had heard similar requests many times. But he replied, “Sure, we’ll have it all ready for you when you come back.”

The customer returned on Sunday announcing, “I’m here for my Lamborghini! And, my friend will co-sign my loan. I’ve also received the advance on my book and have brought that for the down payment.”

The friend’s excellent credit made the sale go smoothly, and the customer looked happy and excited.

What Happens When Patience Runs Out

A few days later, the man returned to Ferrari of Los Gatos and said, “Something is wrong with my car.”

The service technician found that the clutch slave cylinder needed replacement. The dealership agreed to replace it at no charge and loan the customer a green Ferrari 308 GT4 while they fixed his car.

After a week, the man called to see if his car was ready. The service department explained the car was a limited production model, and the part had to come from a Lamborghini factory in Italy.

Calls continued weekly and then daily. Finally, the man’s anger boiled over. While on the phone with the service manager he shouted, “I want my Lamborghini back, and I want it to operate properly. I just can’t go on like this any longer.”

Remaining calm, the manager told him he would call Italy tomorrow to follow up with the factory.

The call wasn’t necessary.

A Beautiful Car Beaten To Death

As the sun came up over Ferrari of Los Gatos, television news crews sat across the street near the lot where Brian kept all the customer-owned cars. A green Ferrari pulled up; the owner got out near his car – the Lamborghini – that was parked in the lot. One of his friends brought him a sledgehammer.

“What do you need this for?”

There was no response. The owner took the sledgehammer, walked up to the Lamborghini, and started smashing it. Camera crews, in shock and disbelief, filmed the event.

Police officers arrived minutes later to find a flattened remnant of a car. The police escorted the car owner to a nearby police station, questioned him for a few minutes, and let him go. He drove off with his friends in their car.

Then the police walked over to the Ferrari of Los Gatos showroom to find Brian. He immediately asked, “Why didn’t you arrest that guy?”

“Well, it’s his car, and if he doesn’t break the law, he can do whatever he wants with it. If he decides he wants to beat the crap out of it, there is nothing we can do.”

This story doesn’t end here.

In the next post, find out what happened after the evening news aired the beating. It’s a twist you won’t expect.

Photo:  Betto Rodrigues / Shutterstock.com

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