An Amazing Christmas Eve Never to be Forgotten

Mr. Edwards from the Fairmont Hotel is holding on line two for you. Brian picked up the phone, “This is Brian Burnett, may I help you?”

“This is Mr. Edwards. I’m staying at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, and I’m looking for a few cars for Christmas presents. If they are available, I’ll need you to deliver them to my hotel by 8 pm Christmas Eve. And, I’d like a big red bow on the roof of each one of them. Is that possible?”

“Well Mr. Edwards, what are the actual vehicles you are looking for?”

“A Ferrari Daytona Coupe, a 330 GTC and a Dino,” he rattled off.

That’ll run you somewhere between $350,000 and $375,000.

“No problem.”

“Then it’s possible.”

The Fascinating Gentleman Arrives in Luxurious Style

The day before Christmas Eve, Mr. Edwards pulled up to the curb outside Ferrari of Los Gatos in a Rolls Royce limousine with three doors on each side. He was all about business despite the upcoming holiday and needed to make sure the cars were paid and delivered in December. He wanted to qualify for the Investment Tax Credit on the current year’s tax return.

After seeing the cars, bows and all, he instructed the chauffeur, “Go out to the car and bring me my briefcase.”

After opening the briefcase and exposing packets of $100 bills, the two ladies who worked in Brian’s office counted all the cash. Everything was there, and the transaction was completed in time to have the cars delivered on Christmas Eve.

It must have been a heck of a Christmas party at the Fairmont!

In the next post, a salesman gets kidnapped, a Ferrari gets stolen, and a tree goes for a walk.

2 thoughts on “An Amazing Christmas Eve Never to be Forgotten”

  1. Do you have pictures of FLG? I would like to see more pictures of the Dealership. My Ferrari 308 is from Ferrari of Los Gatos!

  2. Thanks for the question Al. We’ll try to add some more pictures of the dealership in upcoming posts.

    If any readers have photos of the dealership or cars to share, please send them in. It’s easy to do, just go to Share Your Story and upload the photo’s there. Then press send.

    We plan to have a photo gallery in the future after we receive more photo’s from readers.

    Thanks to everyone that has sent a message to us. Send us some photo’s too!

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