An On-Time Delivery that Took All Day

The drive on a windy road in the glaring sun wasn’t easy. Brian had to take the curves slowly but felt they would be able to get there on time. He was pleased that all they had to do was drop off the car, pick up $75,000 and head for home. Well, at least that’s what he thought.

Road in the woods: A curve along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

After passing several guards, the road narrowed to one-way, with stone walls on either side. At the driveway entrance, a guard motioned for them to stop before a tall iron gate. One guard walked around the truck, looked it over, raised his hand, and the gate swung open. He signaled for Brian to drive forward.

Two men hopped on the truck and rode with them up a long driveway. At the top of the hill, they could see a large house. As they parked the truck, Jake and a few of his friends came out to greet them.

Last Minute Lunch Plans and Bags of Money

With a huge smile on his face, Jake said, “Welcome, welcome. You’re just in time for lunch.”

Brian explained that he and Steve needed to get back to the dealership. Jake refused to take no for an answer, and after trying a few times, Brian realized he was fighting a losing battle.

Jake had the leverage and insisted, “We have to finish our business. If you want to get paid, you must eat lunch and join us for our movie, The Long Riders.”

Getting paid was important. With some reluctance and anticipation, Brian smiled and said, “Sure.”

When lunch finished, the group moved to the living room. Pulling the curtains back revealed a giant movie screen. For the next hour and thirty minutes, they watched the 1980 movie, The Long Riders, a film about the notorious Jesse James and his gang of bank robbers.

Picture of the Jesse James Gang from the movie The Long Riders 1980

Jesse James Gang, The Long Riders 1980

Brian liked westerns but wasn’t a big fan of The Long Riders. However, he figured it would pay to be polite. After all, Jake and his men said they watched the movie every day.

Everyone was pleasant and entertaining.

Maybe the large joint they shared, puffing and laughing as if they had never seen the movie before, helped.

Shootout on horseback in town from the Long Riders movie

Brothers Jesse & Frank James, The Long Riders 1980

When the movie ended, Brian said, “We really should be going now.”

“Now Brian, how much did you say that car was gonna cost me?”

“Seventy-Five Thousand,” Brian replied.

Jake turned and said, “Bring ‘em three bags.”

Smiling Jake explained, “We keep twenty-five large (thousand dollars) in each bag. The bag with the X on it has the tax and license fees inside as well.”

Someone handed Brian three paper bags stapled closed.

“Do you want to count it?” asked Jake.

“No, we trust you.”

An Unusual Request and a Comeback Zinger

Brian had his money and was ready to unload the car and head home. He stopped when Jake said, “Hold on a second. I think you better just leave that car right up there on that truck.”

Brian turned and stared at Jake. The truck was their way home.

Brian noticed the concerned look on Steve’s face. That wasn’t a good sign.

“I like that truck, and just might need it to haul my car around. How much is it?”

Without hesitation, Brian turned and said, “One bag.”

Everyone started laughing, and for the first time since they’d arrived, Brian and Steve relaxed.

Jake got Brian another bag, shook his hand and said, “Thank you. It’s been a lot of fun. My man will give you guys a ride back to Ferrari of Los Gatos.”

Riding in the back of a car with over $100,000 in paper bags sitting next to you, might cause a little anxiety. After what Brian and Steve had been through earlier in the day, this ride didn’t seem too bad.

Ever experience emotional ups and downs like this in your life? Share your story here, or make a comment below, and let us know how your situation turned out.

In the next post, find out how to materialize a Ferrari. It only takes a little thinking.

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