Your Blog Brings Back Many Memories

I just discovered your Ferrari of Los Gatos Blog and want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed reading it. It revives many memories.

I moved to California in July ’78 and by February ’79 had purchased my first Ferrari (a 250GTE), joined the Ferrari club (at that time the FOC), and started participating in most club events. Later that year I bought a 330GTC from a private party in Los Gatos. I’ve had two 12’s, one 6, and four 8’s. Today, I still have a Dino 2400 Spider, a 458 Spider, and a 348 Series Speciale. The latter is a ’92 that I bought new from Jack at Ferrari of Los Gatos in January ’96.

Jack called me to say he had something special that I might be interested in. It had been “frozen” in a warehouse with some other inventory as part of a legal proceeding with some creditor and it had just become “unfrozen”. It was like it had been in a time capsule and I snatched it up.

Today, the ’92 348 Series Speciale has about 17,000 miles and still looks like new.

Submitted by Rance D.

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